Updated 2 months ago

FTS desktop file search with previews

Updated 2 days ago

quite simple sandboxing header library

Updated 5 days ago

executes commands upon file system events (using inotify)

Updated 6 months ago

Lightweight sudo-like program for Linux written in Rust

Updated 9 months ago

Reports the idle time of the X11 server to a script

Updated 11 months ago

Attempt towards tracker- and profiling-proof RSS

Updated 10 months ago

Simple application launcher for Linux

Updated 1 month ago

qpdfview with patches for sandboxing using qssb

Updated 1 year ago

cgit with patches for sandboxing using qssb

Updated 1 year ago

launches and assigns programs to cgroup-specific iptables-rules

Updated 1 year ago

shellscript to control which USB devices can connect to your Linux machine

Updated 1 year ago

N900 rescueOS

Updated 6 months ago

Maemo 5 N900 - Encrypted home resources

Updated 52 years ago

Debian packaging for repo.quitesimple.org

Updated 3 months ago

APKBUILDs for quitesimple.org projects

Updated 4 weeks ago

Bash history put into sqlite so it can be searched

Updated 1 week ago

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Convenient CLI uploader to quickly share files with people. By default, encrypts files before uploading.

Updated 3 months ago

Fork of maddy, a C++ Markdown to HTML header-only parser library.

Updated 2 months ago