FTS desktop file search with previews
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looqs - FTS for the Linux desktop with previews for search results

looqs creates a full text search index for your files. It allows you to look at previews where your search terms have been found, as shown in the screenshots below.



Screenshot looqs results


Screenshot looqs Screenshot looqs search fstream

Current status

Last version: 2022-0X-XX, v0.1

Please see Changelog for a human readable list of changes.

Goals and principles

  • Find & Preview. Instead of merely telling you where your search phrase has been found, it should also render the corresponding portion/pages of the documents and highlight the searched words.
  • No daemons. As some other desktop search projects are prone to have annoying daemons running that eat system resources away, this solution should make do without daemons where possible.
  • Easy setup. Similiarly, there should be no need for heavy-weight databases. Instead, this solution tries to squeeze out the most from simple approaches. In particular, it relies on sqlite.
  • GUI & CLI. Provide CLI interfaces and GUI interfaces
  • Sandboxing. As reading and rendering lots of formats naturally opens the door for security bugs, those tasks are offloaded to small, sandboxed sub-processes to mitigate the effect of exploited vulnerabilities.

Supported platforms

Linux (on amd64) is currently the main focus. Currently, I don't plan on supporting anything else and the sandboxing architecture does not make it likely. I suppose a version without sandboxing might be conceivable for other platforms, but I have no plans or resources to actively target anything but Linux at this point.




Fow now, github issues and pull-requests are preferred, but you can also just email your patches or issues to : looqs at quitesimple.org


Ubuntu 21.10/22.04

git submodule init
git submodule update
sudo apt install build-essential qtbase5-dev libpoppler-qt5-dev libuchardet-dev libquazip5-dev


Please see Usage.md for the user manual.


Coming soon™