13 Commits (db4d3cafbbb7da4234cdc1d10d39b83dc6c54a55)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Albert S. db4d3cafbb refactor: use format! for all error strings 4 months ago
  Albert S. 659f7bd320 getpwnam: Give precise error message if we cannot lookup the user 4 months ago
  Albert S. bb0b2886e9 Fix embarassing, basic path traversal attack 4 months ago
  Albert S. dce3d063f7 rustfmt 4 months ago
  Albert S. 1c03d47dac Fixed getpwnam problems related to ptr lifecycle 6 months ago
  Albert S. 9dd18734d6 Updated dependencies 6 months ago
  Albert S. bb8de3b6c7 also set dumpable to 0, minor improvements 1 year ago
  Albert S. f445ce7b1f improved README format 1 year ago
  Albert S. 352989756c rustfmt 2 years ago
  Albert S. 21b208bff9 error messages with more context 2 years ago
  Albert S. 841e1eadc5 added README 2 years ago
  Albert S. 22d442b040 argv0: default to name now, not the path 2 years ago
  Albert S. ce0742d335 initial commit 2 years ago