Maemo 5 N900 - Encrypted home resources
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The scripts to encrypt /home/ and swap with /dev/urandom as the keyfile. 

The method as described below is not be the best for the most paranoid
users. The N900 may not have enough entropy when generating the keys.
The result: low-quality keys.
Please refer to the cryptsetup manual for more details, especially
Thanks to "robotanarchy" for pointing this out.
In practise, if you are not protecting yourself against
certain 3 letter organizations you should be ok anyway...

The method as described below was pretty much the only possible way back
then when this document was written.
These days, a much simpler approach would be to use rescueOS
to mount the home partition, copy all the data to your HDD on your PC,
overwriting the partition with /dev/urandom data
and then to use cryptsetup, e. g. with --use-random to luksFormat
the home partition. Then you simply copy all the data back.
However, you still need to modify bootscripts, therefore