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  Albert S. da1f55e340 messages: replace "child" with "command" for clarity 7 months ago
  Albert S. 875c176cc1 exit adhocify if command is not found irrespective of -e 7 months ago
  Albert S. 2e77170115 Replace execv with execvp as it has the more natural behaviour 7 months ago
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  Albert S. ccf59e41df README: mention ADHOCIFYEVENT, minor improvements 7 months ago
  Albert S. b7a27fbff3 capitalize event env var: adhocifyevent => ADHOCFIYEVENT 7 months ago
  Albert S. 0d0d42cb31 Allow specifying negated exit status codes for --exit-with-child 7 months ago
  Albert S. 519afe63d1 xrealpath: give more user-friendly error messages 7 months ago
  Albert S. 8b6291b6ca Makefile: add install target 7 months ago
  Albert S. 0e75740630 make daemonizing the last step in command processing 7 months ago
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  Albert S. b9a638d43f get_eventfile_abspath(): minor improvement: get rid of strcpy etc. 4 years ago
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  Albert S. 200d7ba8cb -r: check against max number of watches 5 years ago
  Albert S. be91bb8473 add a little warning for -r 5 years ago
  Albert S. 4d6d58d7bf rename: watchpath_addpath -> watchpath_add_path 5 years ago
  Albert S. a45a7a9acf add basic recursive watch support 5 years ago
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