FTS desktop file search with previews using c++ with qt5 and sqlite.
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quite simple search (qss) creates a poor-man full-text search for your files using a sqlite database.

A simple gui renders the pages of the documents where your search keywords have been found. Currently, this allows you search all indexed pdfs and take a look at the pages side by side in an instant.

The name of the project will probably be changed.


Coming soon™


  • Find & Preview. Instead of merely telling you where your search phrase has been found, it should also render the corresponding portion/pages of the documents and highlight the searched words.
  • No daemons. As other solutions are prone to have annoying daemons running that eat system resources away, this solution should make do without daemons if possible.
  • Easy setup. Similiarly, there should be no need for heavy-weight databases. Instead, this solution tries to squeeze out the most from simple approaches. In particular, it relies on sqlite.
  • GUI & CLI. Provide CLI interfaces and GUI interfaces


Ubuntu 20.04

sudo apt install build-essential qt5-default libpoppler-qt5-dev libuchardet-dev libquazip5-dev


Coming soon™


Coming soon™