executes commands upon file system events (using inotify)
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#moves all incoming files (e. g. downloads) to another directory.
#There, they will be put into subdirectories which are named after the current date (YYYYMMDD) to get some minimal automatic "organization".
#adhocify -d -m IN_CLOSE_WRITE -m IN_MOVED_TO -w /home/user/Downloads -w /home/user/other_dir /path/to/move_downloads.sh
stat -c"%s" "$INCOMING" | grep -q "^0$" && exit
#ignore partial downloads (.part in firefox, .crdownload in chrome)
echo "$INCOMING" | grep -q .part$ && exit
echo "$INCOMING" | grep -q .crdownload$ && exit
today=$(date +%Y%m%d)
if [ ! -d "$TODAY_DIR" ] ; then
mkdir "$TODAY_DIR"
rm -f "$TARGET_DIR"/today
ln -s "$TODAY_DIR" "$TARGET_DIR"/today
#You can also filter/grep the filename here and move certain patterns to other designated locations...
mv "$INCOMING" "$TARGET_DIR"/$today/